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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Accusations of assignations. On the floor of the house.

No, not on the floor of the House. Little "h" house. Assuming the furniture was gone. This KSTP online link, this excerpt:

Those emails between [endorsed GOP State Auditor candidate Randy] Gilbert and a woman who is a real estate agent have rubbed other Republican candidates the wrong way.

The emails obtained by 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS suggest Gilbert and the agent had many romantic meetings, without the owners' consent, inside private homes she was either selling or showing.

High-level Republican sources tell KSTP that Senate GOP nominee Mike McFadden is upset about the issue and wants Gilbert to either talk publicly about the emails or quit the race. Those same sources say State Republican Chairman Keith Downey thinks he was misled by Gilbert about the contents of the emails and, even though he has publicly supported Gilbert, is not happy with the recent revelations about the email contents.

[...] When our story broke, Gilbert skipped a fundraiser and was hard to find on the campaign trail for several days.

Hard to find on the campaign trail, but did they go looking for homes with for sale signs, keyboxes? Anyway, McFadden should nose out of other peoples' campaigns -- not his business really to be the town scold. Unless that were to be the office he seeks.

Elect McFadden - Town Scold.

Actually, it has a cadence to it where he should have signs and lapel badges printed. What color? Be careful there.

Reporting is enlightening. Gilbert releases a statement intended as his exonerating explanation to the GOP base. Nobody's business but his own; acts of a disgruntled ex-husband; press irresponsibility; the relationship was after she'd filed for divorce, and it was active two years ago - before the present candidacy. His point seems to challenge whether the indiscretion of leaving an email trail impacts or defines likelihoods of job performance quality if elected Auditor. There seems lacking in his released statement any explanation why voters should not simply reelect Becky Otto.

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