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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

While both were used during the recent Montana Governor race, these are two of the most effective short political ads done recently; and each applies to the pending special election contest in Montana.

Online videos. Here and here. Watch them. Fast food and fish, but so much more.

And the opponent highlighted in each is not a Tea Party GOP reformer. He is a part of the in-place GOP inner party plutocracy, and he makes no pretenses of offering Tea Party cred. That Montana special election could be a bellweather event. In part a referendum on Trump, talking populist, entrenching billionaires and plutocrats. If some Montana Trump voters feel buyer's remorse, it will show. May 25 will be a day of interest, nationwide.

For context on the second video, the litigation was widely reported in Montana; e.g., here, here and here.

It would be no big surprise if Rob Quist and Bernie Sanders campaigning in Montana were to book and the Montana Democratic Party were to widely publicize a major campaign event at that river access spot, with the fast-food carload invited there along with representatives of the state and national press. A happening. Smaller than Woodstock, but potentially big.

Gather there to bury the access spot's neighboring Caesar, not to praise him?

Can you imagine a give-em-hell Bernie speech about overreaching self-infatuated plutocrats, at that locale? It would be a humdinger.

UPDATE: The spot would also be good for a congregation event that Greg and Susan would have a difficult time voicing any effort to stymie, being who they publicly hold themselves out to be and all.

That could be a post-election event, depending on how things turn out.

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