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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Morning coffee time with the web.

Local paper online, Strib, one item, "A mixed report card for Trump as 100th day approaches -- Several of his campaign promises remain unfulfilled, but his accomplishments include the confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee." It's not Trump being ripe for judgment. He's survived, unimpeached, an accomplishment as a foundation to any other scrutiny. Judgment is for Paul Ryan, primarily, and Mitch McConnell, secondarily for keeping a lower profile and just not being as galling a persona. People got what they saw with Trump; and with Republicans everywhere the sheer evil of Paul Ryan is coming finally into a sharp focus.

Another item, actually two related; first of the two, "How the FBI and James Comey upended the 2016 election -- The FBI director steers clear of politics, but his handling of the Clinton and Trump campaign inquiries had a profound impact." This is not only an edtorial disguised as news; it is fiction disguised as newspaper grist. Trump won because of how totally distasteful Clinton/Podesta (Podesta/Clinton perhaps being the better aggregated term of disdain) was as an alternative to a television personality who amounted to little beyond, "You're fired" in a show only idiots bothered watching. Second of the pair of related items, "Hillary Clinton makes surprise appearance at Tribeca Fest." She should channel Douglas McArthur, and fade away. Would it require a stake through the heart? In fading away, taking Biden/Perez with her and go to Oz. Or wherever. Goldman. She should go on staff, thus making her punch a time clock to get massive amounts of money from Goldman. That Hillary sighting thing is an AP feed. Shame, shame, shame on AP for stooping to tabloid-worthy stuff.

Of the three items, readers decide which is the most offensive. To me, the Hillary sighting wins easily, but opinions can differ. One thing you can say about George Bush, besides that he was dumb as a brick, is that he's at least the sense or advice to have faded away. Some could learn from the impaired. Podesta? Find a keel with sharp barnacles, he's due for a hauling.

Beyond the obvious, Bernie would have won being obvious, one worth pondering; would a Kaine/Clinton ticket have done much better than a Clinton/Kaine one? Kaine at least had the genuine decency to look sheepish at the balloon drop where the Clintons were at home. It makes Kaine a giant by comparison, but still a corporatist Republican-lite Dem is a corporatist GOP-lite creature, so who's to say? Trump should really have a good sense of humor, and nominate Comey for the next Supreme Court vacancy. It would draw focus away from his people and the Russians. Or should it be simply, it would draw focus away from his people; as a tighter way of saying the same thing?

Things are really slow, so when will the next Coen brothers film be released, will LA again win the WNBA title, will the Twins ever discover a need for pitching to win and how's the weather where you live? And isn't it flat out evil what's been done to young people in the US of A? Poor people, any of the prol class having no choice but to take a job to survive, they've had a good share of evil handed them regardless of age; but the young are really taking it from an owned and orchastrated two-party snake fest wanting to drive them away from having any voice in how they're being set up for a waxing.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Where's the tune "Stronger Together" on the pop charts these days? Find a keel for Podesta. Bring Robby too. But bottom line, the old silk purse adage. And it is not just the Clintons. Any Republican-lite is sow ear territory. Hello, Joe Biden.

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