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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Do you want a juxtaposition. Dross and gold. Bernie begins at 21:45


By that, see for yourself how much of Biden's butler you can take before hopping to 21:45 to get away from the idiot and his offensive platitudes.

And this individual vs Kieth Ellison, showcases by this format the insult of this clown being handed the people by the Dem inner party, which is an intolerable insult that somehow must be - at least short term - tolerated.

The broom is needed. SO -- Why is Bernie carrying this dead albatross with him? He must know it makes him look compromised.

AN EXPLANATION: If he didn't lug the weight, he'd probably not get the booking.

That simple.

Yet, what a load to put on a poor elderly gentleman.

Why? Because idiots picked Perez, and refuse to admit what a disastrous decision it was. Bernie cannot lift that much. And yet, he does. This video proves it.

At about 30 minutes into it, Bernie seems to segue to you've seen this blowhard before me, we need a change. Not saying it in terms of Perez specifically, just - you have eyes; perhaps you may open them; and see a juxtaposition that is so obviously there to be seen.

At 32:00 Bernie throws the grenade. Perez is an entry ticket, if anything; the corporatist stooge there to focus on the difference between fake and legitimate, whether Perez knows that or not.

Two signs behind Bernie. COME TOGETHER. FIGHT BACK. Any person who cannot see an incompatibility there is delusional, unless and until the Perez camp followers of wealth hand over the reins.

That's the only way COME TOGETHER can work. You want the spoils you adapt. However, a reality is that adaptation is for both Berniecrats and Biden bros. There needs to be some bending, but the progressives should not be the ones pushed to bending to the breaking point. It has to swing the OTHER way. Or it's not going to work. Or the Trumps and Ryans keep gaining the spoils. And you have to talk spoils because it is what the corporatists understand and what ultimately will motivate them to differentiate themselves from the other party if they are to survive - for spoils. And in that ugly process, CHANGE may have a chance.

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