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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Singing cowboys do still exist west of Manhattan.

Rob Quist, Montana Special Election Candidate.
The image is a HuffPo screencapture, but the election
and Sanders willingness to go to Montana to assist is widely reported.

We have to have tune time with a singing cowboy. Quist has one thing in common with Trump - he has a daughter who's better looking than him; and this one can sing. Sing better than dad? You decide.

In all honesty I'd vote for her, and I do like the Garcia - Grisman Shady Grove, and Doc Watson's a bit better; but I also cannot vote either way in Montana; so enjoy. Last thought, on the Halladay Quist video, is it dad playing the pedal steel? It's hard to tell. She's the video focus. Also, a white hat, dark hair, and mustache cannot be unique to any one male musician in Montana.

UPDATE: Can you imagine Paul Ryan trying to sing? At all? Probably Rayn'd be as good at that as marathon running.

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