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Thursday, April 06, 2017

The used car question.

Would you buy a used car from:

[a] Donald Trump,

[b] Mike Pence,

[c] Devin Nunes,

[d] Jarad Kurshner,

[e] General Flynn, if it had Turkish license plates,

[f] any one of the above,

[g] none of the above.

If answering yes on any one of the gentlemen, would you only kick the tires, or take it to a mechanic to do diagnostic testing beyond what you'd require if the vehicle was from one of your in-laws? Would you contact the DMV to assure seller could actually give you clear title?

If selling a used car to any of those gentlemen, which would worry you the most about any deferred purchase price future payment promise in any artful not-all-cash-up-front deal?

Has there been any exhaustive well documented published and non-classified explanation of why Gen. Flynn was relieved of duties as head of DIA during the Obama presidency? That was August, 2014. Months later, the Clintons formally announced that one of them would be running for president (April, 2015). The infamous Bill Clinton - Donald Trump phone conversation was May, 2015. What did they say, and how did they say it?

UPDATE: Slate's latest, here. The Atlantic, here. HuffPo, here.

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