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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lest anyone with short term memory deficit disorder forgets; about a year and a few days ago Salon reported on Podesta-Clinton money chasing of a kind that at least one party of the two having a stranglehold on the nation's political machinery should eschew; and the Republicans are beyond hope so that this Podesta-Clinton abuse needs to be stopped. Somebody has to represent the citizens, after all. RUSSIAN MONEY included!

This link. Read it. Remember it. If it does not reform itself from the inside out, the Democratic Party shall have to be pressed hard, outside-in.

The egregiousness of what Trump's administration has shown itself to be should not obscure that we, the voters, had no real choice but Bernie; and the Dem Inner Party to its eternal shame threw sabots into the gears and burned Bernie's bridges. They jettisoned their chance at another eight years opting instead for a money basket candidate that could not meet the simple task of defeating Donald Trump. Figure out how beholden that makes the pack of creeps to the dollar bill, and not to the folks of the nation.


Beyond a pretty slogan, DO IT.

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