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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why resurrect the MN Progressive Project's world famous Norm Coleman Weasel Meter? Because he is. Also, was and will be. Nancy Pelosi cannot sing, but Norm's minions care not; in TV hijinks aimed against Montana's best and brightest hope for a future, Rob Quist. Only a weasel would do that.

Anybody wanting to know who Rob Quist really is should take the half-hour it takes to view this video, and leave the half-minute and minute-long GOP mud-slinging stuff alone as the pure out-of-state toxic waste it is.

world-famed metered weasel
was-is-will be

College Weasel, Norm Bullhorn
Congressional Leadership Fund's Board Chair, former single-term Minnesota Senator, Norm "College Bullhorn Agitator" Coleman, (who backed into his Senate term because Paul Wellstone died on election day eve), has a post-college history and a present reach.

As an ongoing agitator, this time a GOP outside agitator with a weasel-paw reach into Montana, Norm remains who he's been; as Rollcall reports:

GOP Super PAC Ties Montana's Rob Quist to Nancy Pelosi - Congressional Leadership Fund begins $800,000 media campaign
(Posted Apr 21, 2017 6:00 AM -- by Simone Pathé)

House GOP leadership is deploying House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in a new TV attack on Democratic nominee Rob Quist.

The ad, which will debut Friday on broadcast and cable, marks the start of an $800,000 media buy from Congressional Leadership Fund. The super PAC ran its first TV ad against Quist last month, using many of the same attacks.

But this new ad adopts the longtime GOP strategy, which CLF has used on TV repeatedly in Georgia in recent weeks, of tying Democratic congressional candidates to Pelosi.

“Rob Quist talks folksy,” the narrator says, opening the spot. “But his record is more Nancy Pelosi than Montana,” the narrator says.

“Whether it’s cuts to the military or doubling down on a health care system more expensive than Obamacare, Rob Quist continues to prove he is more in-tune with Nancy Pelosi than Montana,” CLF executive director Corry Bliss said in a statement.

The ad also goes after Quist’s personal financial troubles, hitting him for a “long pattern of failing to pay his bills” and late taxes.

“Rob’s reckless financial past is a scary indication of how he’d treat Montanans’ hard-earned dollars. CLF will continue to expose Rob for what he is: out-of-touch and untrustworthy,” Bliss said.
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Come on. Pelosi cannot sing and wears no hat. Beyond that, she's one of the corporatist Dem millionaire Congress members, and not the people's true populist and progressive Quist is. She's vanilla DC. Quist is eternal Blue Sky country legit.

As to Quist's openess about past financial stress, it qualifies him to represent real people who know distress as a too familiar unwelcome lifetime companion. Quist's pre-existing medical dilemma was a cause of piled up out-of-pocket medical bills he has since paid off.

Unlike Trump, no host of bankruptcy court meanderings. Facing a debt Quist paid it off. Something all of Congress cannot or fails to want to do for the nation's debt, so why would this line of Bullhorn be relevant? Because Norm knows his one way, and little of other ways and his superPAC cronies [super-lobbyist Minnesotan Vin Weber on that same slushPAC board according to Wikipedia] must be happy with his Chairmanship since he's still in that boss honcho saddle.

Go figure. The quality of the advertisements mirror the quality of the string pulling leadership team. Outsiders might be leaving an oilslick wherever they reach into Montana. And the truth is that attack-advertising Bullhorn Coleman dissing Quist's financial hardship must, himself, know something about hardship, given this one involving Coleman's reported past benefactor, Kaziminy. (Yes, a Chap. 11, a reorg and not throwing in the towel, it is fair to note that).

Like that mud-slinging ad says, "Rob Quist talks folksy." But the fact is, he's not a grifter.

Color it green. Should Norm and Vin's thing at all set a hook, and you believe Nancy Pelosi might not know what's best for Montana and have Montana's best future in mind; why in the world would you think otherwise of Las Vegas gambling house magnate Sheldon Adelson, who knows certainly what's best for Sheldon (from Ballotpedia, Norm and Vin's Congreessional Leadership adventure's green; with no more recent data yet found on the web):

So, on a nationwide basis, Norm Bullhorn and his Tonto, Vin, only do negative ad publishing; and the casino deep pocket is their prime green valley. Trust such a bunch, or trust Rob Quist or Greg Gianforte? As another Minnesotan, having that and only that in common with Norm and Vin, I also am an outsider to Montana. At least I've driven the interstate through there, and stopped for a fine dinner in Missoula. That likely is a step ahead of Norm, Vin, or Sheldon and family. So, trust me more; but mainly trust the candidates and not outsiders, especially dirt throwing advertisements (which takes little skill, as can be seen from the two things Rollcall linked to in giving a flavor of the brand).

Now if you've any faith in a claim Rob Quist has ever even talked to Nancy Pelosi or to any of her campaign people or House staff; please in a comment identify when, where, and who.

It simply is a manufactured totally fake claim.

Brought to you as Norm and Vin sideshow barking on Sheldon's bucks. Sheldon's casino cash.

________________FURTHER UPDATE________________
A gentler critique of the one-term former Senator, sort of, by another from Minnesota, here.

_______________FURTHER UPDATE________________
In advising Montanans, trust the candidates, that means take the time to show up and listen when either is in your town. See the person, the cut of his jib, the sincerity or falseness you might feel, in person. Trash half-minute TV stuff is for the super lazy, the ignorant, and the GOP shall likely outspend the Democrats in that direction.

To counter Sheldon's casino cash TV trash blurbs, send Rob Quist's campaign a check. I did. I likely will cut another soon. I don't need credit for it, I need a better House of Representatives:

Rob Quist Congressional Campaign
PO Box 1917, Kalispell MT, 59903

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