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Monday, May 12, 2014

Would any reader knowing who publishes "Reflections in Ramsey" on the web identify that person in a comment?

It seems vile to put out that stuff, anonymously. Cowardly. Is there some reason behind doing that anonymously beyond that putting the actual name to the publishing would render it less credible than when it is being put out anonymously? What's the story? Whose bastard-child is it?

There is a distinct flavor to recent posting on this "Reflections in Ramsey" site of one wanting to make Ramsey franchise fee effort, good faith effort to repair our roads without assessments being imposed, an election day political football; and one wonders what ties if any the reflector has to Ramsey's Charter Commission's leadership/membership?

My guess, expect the political football to be inflated and punted out sometime within the next few months, a band of Republicans moving within the community to cause a petition to amend the charter in line with the Niska Amendment that has been considered by numerous city officials.

As something citizens may weigh their voices on, fine. As a GOTV ploy of the Republicans, very questionable.

Is this anonymous individual another Brodkorb, what? A GOP insider? My guess, if he/she goes public unmasked, there would be even less credibility to things with the reflector identified. Otherwise, why hide?

________FURTHER UPDATE________
Wed. May 14: The anonymous reflector, the term meaning what it does, should attend Worksessions, since they often provide better fodder for questioning. But that involves moving from the easy chair, since council meetings are televised while Worksessions remain untelevised. Ah, what a bit of actual effort could attain. Any town resident can tune in on the broadcast. The reflector might better serve an audience by reporting things less easily available to the public's direct and unfiltered scrutiny - Worksessions.

Do you suppose the anonymous reflector knows detail about the Legacy Christian Academy history - money spent that direction, big-time bucks, that way? The question surfaced, at the May 13 Worksession.

She, the reflector, at least knows the word "boondoggle."

But does she know one if she sees one?

Unfortunately, weighing that last question, not knowing the reflector's identity [or origination of that which is reflected] makes it impossible to associate any credibility whatsoever to the most recent disparaging comments about Councilmember LeTourneau. Some idiot not willing to put a name to such stuff dislikes the elected official's judgment. That is the appearance of things.

The reflector remains, by that hiding of identity, "some idiot" in the minds of some community members.

Again, would credibility of the thing be lessened, were the guise of anonymity removed? That is the fundamental question to this website that reaches back to unsavory anonymous disparaging of Natalie Steffen when she was one of two general election candidates for the County Board District 1 seat after Dennis Berg's retirement from office.

My guess, most certainly credibility would plummet below its present questionable level, were an identification made. Others might guess differently. You know, perhaps it's one of the Coen brothers, and the entire thing is an intended mockery of actual, serious political commentary. It has that flavor.

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