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Friday, May 02, 2014

Tom Emmer Time.

There is a right-leaning website that during the Emmer run for Governor talked about use of images of persons and/or candidates, in emotive ways, particularly with regard to Strib/Emmer. This link, if you care to see the item, where it goes with its theme, etc. I found it interesting enough to be worth a quick skim-reading.

Okay, Emmer and images; my favorite image of the gentleman leading off a post from back then that to me remains relevant in facing the Emmer persona. The Awl, here. Opinions may differ.

Same old Emmer, I'd say, but again, opinions may differ.

All of that is a lead-in to a recent Strib piece, "The Evolution of Tom Emmer," playing on the theme of someone having stumbled but having the gumption to pick oneself up again and keep on. By Michael Brodkorb. Emmer lost an election but never was excommunicated by anyone. At any rate, you decide, is Brodkorb there to praise Emmer or to bury him - or to implicitly analogize Emmer's evolution to what else?

The link? Here.

What do I take from that item,  which surely does not fit an accusation of Strib items deliberately imaging Emmer as an angry man:

Fair evaluation?

Next, and how does this affect Emmer's full spectrum appeal, as a person - that being relevent to his full spectrum appeal, as a candidate seeking a range of voter attention and approval:

click image to enlarge and read

Not just the little lady baking cookies the shape of Minnesota, but working the phone bank too. That impresses.

I do not believe Brodkorb intended anything at all in his Strib item as dismissive of Emmer, instead seeing it all as building, to his view, a positive image. Mending fences in a sense. In line with that, most recently on his website, Brodkorb posted about an "Integrity Matters" shadow-politics question he has, about a Krinkie supporter's possible involvement in of all things negative campaign tactics in violation of the Gipper's Eleventh Amendment. Brodkorb links to a Scribd item identified by him as an FEC filing statement for a PAC, and a website

from which this screenshot was taken [look back to the start of the post, about angry-Emmer imaging and all]:

Now that does clearly look to bury Emmer and not to praise him, and it looks like more Brodkorb fence-mending penance to have the excommunication lifted, near term, if possible, by featuring that attack effort in a negative light.

BACK TO THE BRODKORB/STRIB ITEM: Again, for that item and its wording and general tenor, it appears Brodkorb had no intent to diminish Emmer in the eyes of any voter or bloc of voters. So it may be wrong of me to see a gender bias creeping in; but Brodkorb never featured Marcus baking anything for Michele, (if that ever happened), and if both anti-stereotypical gender awareness and integrity both matter, Rhonda Sivarajah has integrity whether she bakes anything or not.

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