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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mark 12:31

Here. Versions and reversions, same text, and why that, to headline this post, now?

Well, it has been a while since Crabgrass has looked at: Larry Klayman.

Today's Klaymanesque thought, is having the soapbox more important to Larry than who he shares it with? Or is he congruent with those who use the same soapbox?

Look at Klayman's soapbox link, the text, and it seems he has little love except for a judge who early in some litigation gave him a favorable ruling. Aside from that, the man's hard on NSA, Obama, Holder, Peter King, Mike Rogers, and Speaker Boehner (have I missed anyone).

And it seems not to be "hard love," just hard. Next, what love does Marielena Montesino de Stuart, there on the sidebar with Klayman have for "neighbors" in having a faith system? (See Marielena, in that partial screenshot I've titled "FlockingTogether.png".) She expresses little love, it seems, e.g., here in knowing better than Her Pope does, and in an undeterred enlargement on that theme; here.

Hey -- If you think Larry is prisoner of his own rhetoric, the lady's posts are of a trump suit.

Readers can draw many inferences, and are invited to, from the lady's opining. Indeed it would be presumptuous to try to catalog in this post a range of potential reader reaction; so leave it at this - It is little wonder such journalism is easily subject to parody. It invites parody. Broad and borderline tasteless parody. Climate change denier and denial parody. [UPDATE: More.]

Rightwingnut rhetoric seems a pushover for parody. So, that said, bottom line for reader consideration, is "judged by the company you keep" being fair to Larry? In the instance of his soapbox cohort, Ms. Marielena? Or do we judge him only by his own screeds?

Six of one, a half-dozen of the other? Not really. Larry's not gone, to my knowledge, where the lady goes.

Cut him that slack, such as it is.

A bit related, the rightwingnut scumsuckers have even stooped to bastardizing The Matrix. How low will they go? I am shocked.

They're a bunch of Agent Smiths. There I can bastardize the Matrix too. Proves a lot, doesn't it?

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