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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Having an endorsement choice between Jim Read and not Tom Emmer, in their infinite wisdom, DFL CD6 convention delegates chose not Tom Emmer.

This link. The gist:

After Perske won the endorsement, Read announced he's suspending his campaign to back Perske.

That makes Perske, a middle school teacher and coach, the likely DFL nominee in the 6th District for the general election. He could face Tom Emmer, the Republican-endorsed candidate, Rhonda Sivarajah, who's challenging Emmer in the GOP primary, or Phil Krinkie, who's mulling a GOP primary run. A Forest Lake man, John Denney, has been endorsed by the Independence Party.

Being not Tom Emmer is not all bad. It is the strongest thing Rhonda Sivarajah will have going in the Republican primary.

The outcome says a lot about not giving generic DFL party contributions but instead looking at who is a candidate where, and contributing accordingly.

HOWEVER, because Tom Emmer IS Tom Emmer, support for Perske is ________________________.

(you are on your own - fill in the blank)

From the Perske campaign website, and - after much, long and difficult reflection - how I would fill in the blank:

favoring more sincere a mensch than Tom Emmer will ever be

Of interest, the Perske campaign was more nimble than the district DFL in posting about Saturday's decision making. A long shot did not win Saturday's Derby, but if Stanley Hubbard were to get an election day Sixth District comeuppance, there would be joy to that. A GOP primary comeuppance would be fine too.

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