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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I certainly thought Jim Read was an excellent candidate. It is adjustment time now, for having Joe Perske as the endorsed CD6 DFL candidate going into the general election. Not Jim Read, but a candidate of some substance, who is NOT Tom Emmer.

Well, if Emmer wins his primary, it will be a choice between a mensch or a bloviator.

I would be much more comfortable with Perske working with Pelosi, than Emmer in league with Boehner.

Boehner leaves a room and leaves behind an oil slick. His sole virtue would be making Emmer look less egregious by comparison. Not that much.

Perske on the issues? First, don't expect guns, Mexicans among us, or embryo Angst; instead expect a dose of reality. The things government should be focused upon, for the benefit of the nation and making it work better. Going to the heart of what's really important vs what might be diversionary enough to fool enough of the people enough of the time [get anything you want at Tom Emmer's restaurant - including ultra-high paid servers; let me tell you of a cracker-jack remodeling firm; all that makes up the Emmer persona including a desire for and sponsorship of lax DWI law].

Perske runs marathons, Emmer used to play hockey. Perske has kept trim, Emmer's put on weight since ice rink days, but - a bigtime so what? Really, both of you stop trading at all in such silliness and focus on issues.

Now - Perske on the Issues [real issues, clearly and cleanly presented, not tinsel decorated Tea Party paranoia-pumping or pointless nostalgia fodder]:

click to read, or
go to original for better legibility

The screen capture is from Perske's campaign website:

at its "Issues" page:

Clean, no-nonsense recognition that there are people who read and think.

No pablum, no hokey image slideshow, substance over fru-fru.


In fairness I would present Emmer's issue page, except he has none, preferring a bucolic photo montage instead.

Slideshow style but not too many banner photos, don't confuse the slow folks, kitsch over substance.

With bozo-brained captions:

    Bring Everyday Values to Washington
    Spirit of Main Street
    Stand Up for Individual Liberties
    Ensure Economic Freedom

The man would rather insult your intelligence bigtime instead of showing you, directly, his emptiness and lack of conscientious, well-reasoned ideas of what might be pressing issues to reasoning primary voters.

Rhonda on the other hand has enough voter respect to have an issues page, agree or disagree. She has that modicum of decency of spirit. Among Republican primary voters that should matter. She's not simply an empty fuel tank kind of guy, talking loudly, saying nothing.

photo credit, here
One wonders whether GOP blogging is front-running Emmer's key burning issue of our times, or whether it's just a meander of its own doing. [FURTHER UPDATE: These fear mongering/hate mongering concerted efforts to inflame unthinking passions over what is really a total non-issue get tedious from repetition. Raise the federal minimum wage and cut the bullshit, please. Get unified behind fixing the healthcare reform opening effort to make it better, instead of that keenness to be the first to throw stones and to keep stoning. Drop now, all the smoke-screening and flogging of a dead Benghazi horse, and get real. The economy needs the party of no to start at some point to say yes. More people have health insurance now than ever before, so why all the hissing and moaning? Get real. The nation and everyone scraping to make ends meet need those divisionist prophets of doom to start saying what can we do to help vs. what can we find that we can try to stop.] Subtleties abound? But what did you expect? My guess - McFadden is envisioning networking opportunity via finding a helpful golfing partner. Emmer too. Add Scott Honour and you have a foursome. Expect tee time, before any Tea time. While Perske is more conservative than I favor, he would not fit in with that batch. Too Mainstream, not Gulfstream.

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