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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Holy shit. I could not get a trademark for my blog title.

Put aside the use of "Developers are Crabgrass" on the web for years without any "all rights" footer, and put aside the "who really cares" dimension of things.

Only look at my problem because the blog title disparages developers, as a class, group, or clearly identifiable subsection of our local and national society.

You think I am kidding, no trademark, a bad guess?

This link and here; this federal appellate court opinion.

Ms Geller and I are in a sense in the same boat; although Muslims are okay with me. Some, doubtlessly, a cut above many who view themselves as "fundamentalist Christians." In a work environment years ago, the '60's, a coworker was Muslim. He sure as a person, in my mind, trumps Michele Bachmann.

Easily, with the bar set that low.

MUSLIMS - Unlike some, I believe they could make good citizens.

Then again, perhaps it is crabgrass that my title disparages, by analogy. Per that understanding the trademark should be granted if sought, since crabgrass is inanimate; not a person or group, living or dead. (Crabgrass living is least best for any lawn)

I suppose the difference is Ms. Geller is politically incorrect; while I suffer no such stigma. If political correctness is the standard, I should be able to get a trademark. Believing and publishing, "Tax the Rich," as I have IS politically correct, (even if just used as a slogan and not an election promise with an intent to really deliver).


Anonymous said...

How about niggers? Can they make good citizens too? Jews? ..You fucking liberals are amazing!

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - That particular sentence was aimed at a particular person because of a particular email a few years back that got perhaps a wider than intended distribution and some online coverage. A bit of a nudge, no evil intent beyond a reminder. If you are that person, bless you. If not, wonder about it a bit. Judge it, in a manner of speaking. Probably the particular person feels too busy to read Crabgrass.