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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

"When the storm settles, there's only one clear choice." THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING.

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This link, to view the headline quote in context.

AP feed coverage by Strib and Tri-City Herald.

Some lines from the Grateful Dead, that I originally recalled thinking of Boehner, but even more Emmer's earned notice:

Come shake the hand.
That shook the hand.
Of P. T. Barnum,
And Charlie Chan.

The AP feed states, "Emmer adviser David FitzSimmons said in a written statement that the remodeler worked on the campaign's new office and the candidate was merely offering a testimonial." We await the illustrious gentleman's presence, here. Presumably it is only a matter of time ... Emmer time is testimony time, so can a testimonial, an Emmer special on YouTube, for enterprises here or here be far behind? That latter firm - heavy duty, top shot, "to fit your operation." It sings "Emmer" to me.

I am hoping to see next a Krinkie testimonial for Micro Control.

Hat tip to Big E at MPP, this link. Insightful? I believe so.

___________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Aside from the incident showing Emmer's uncanny ability to be Emmer, I expect Brodkorb's detailing of his investigation of Emmer being Emmer is correct. It is a tempest in a teapot, and should not distract too much from the Emmer, Sivarajah, Krinkie sweepstakes for who might be best for the GOP this next fall.

Given the fact of Sixth District demographics, progressives cannot minimize the importance of others making a choice among that trifecta of hopefuls, one to be the fall candidate.

Hopefully those people pick dispassionately the best of the three, since the likelihoods are as they are. One Bachmann was one too many. We do not need a repeat.

___________FURTHER UPDATE___________
A blog view, from the GOP party insiders around Anoka County, here. The St. Cloud guy I cannot take seriously, the other one from over there, Emmer being the one with gravitas - such as it is. The other one is the one with the bible college background, and he'd make a fine dog catcher, somewhere over there. Between the three serious ones, I see Krinkie running a distant third in the primary. Rhonda and Tom are the action.

The trailing horse always wants a debate, the frontrunners want that suggestion to go away. Money can't buy you love, so Honour's looking at Jeff Johnson in that race of regulars. Thompson's a windbag, but ambitious enough to poison the well. Expect more of Mark, as Governor.

Al's almost certain for a reelection, making that GOP consideration largely moot.

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