consultants are sandburs

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

DC is full of clowns and wolves with Ted Cruz having a foot in both camps.

Not that Cruz is particularly unique that way, the golfer heading his party is equivalent.

Obama? Playing in the band.

Dayton seems to have nailed it with his cesspool comment.

The entire "reform" of healthcare was a joke from having Big Pharma and single payer off the table at the start, and with Max Baucus having a free hand. Make that a free paw.

Bachmann fits in. Paulsen more so. Kline - all wolf, through and through.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders do not fit in. That is a big BIG part of what's wrong.

I admire the tenacity of each of that pair. They should be the norm. Not the exception.

As things stand, Zygi should move there.

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