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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Traveler "Beer" Company. My advice, if you ever reach this website, immediately press the "Get me out of here!" toggle.

In short, they call themselves a beer company, and produce stuff that might be good as a toilet bowl scrubbing compound or a paint stripper, but questionably fit for human consumption.

Gamble a try if you dare, but this one "brewery" -- I would hope it flunks out, first semester.

Read more. Gag on the thought of what these concoctions might taste like.

They do.

If stranded on a tiny island with a choice between this and Coors Lite, a truly vile choice, go with the Rockies. This stuff is bad.

Not only is the "beer" what it is, the website is also designed for idiots. Have a look if you doubt. Notice how the second link above is an offsite one. Try to find that level of description of the product line on the firm's own page. Perhaps it's the security settings on my browser obscuring something like a menu of the product line, but the closest I could come to an admission on that firm's website of what's in what's peddled is the firm's FAQ page, and check out those sugar levels. Presumably it is for a twelve oz. bottle, but strangely, the webmaster never defines serving size. Is that your notion of professional, direct communication? Not mine. What they sell is what they sell, calling it "beer," but I would generously call it modified mead, with other less generous terms in mind. "Shandy" they call it. Absolutely Vile, is my most direct term.

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