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Saturday, October 05, 2013

More about Talk Radio Tom.

Emmer, sending him to DC as representative of who we are, would be equally insulting to a large proportion of CD6 residents, as was sending Bachmann in that capacity. We need a majority with a learning curve.

One thing I should straighten out, however.

The firm Emmer's video dealt with is wholly apart from the blowhard in the video.

In an earlier post I made a "Tin Men" parting remark that likely is wrong. That Tin Men film was using caricature as comedy and featured two lead characters I imagine to be akin to Tom Emmer. Judging the firm that unwisely made its choice of Emmer as spokesperson, that way, and in a "if they front Tom Emmer they must be like Tom Emmer" sense was uncalled for and judgmental in a wrong way.

The Elk River contracting firm does, in its logo, play the "I Christian" card in using a cross in place of the T in the firm's name as displayed on its website, but aside from that being offensive to some - to me at least - there is every reason to presume they do competent work, their testimonials from regular people are not contrived but are legitimate, and that it is a small business in the struggle of survival that small business faces, day in, day out, and one striving toward doing each job they take on in a credible and positive manner.

Why they would choose to have their case presented to the public by a clown eludes me, but judgment that way vs. doing good workmanship need not partner in a business where particularized expertise and a dedication to doing a job as well as possible are the criteria for a firm. Capability in the narrow service area of remodeling and exterior improvement of single family homes is needed in the community, and if this firm provides that on a regular basis, as a business, there is nothing to criticize or judge harshly and one should hope they prosper.

Talk Radio Tom -- now that's an entirely different matter. He is loud, he offends, he seems to lack constructive thought processes, and he would be trampled and disrespected by people who have power in DC. All of that would be of no help to the district, (that contractor who had Emmer as pitchman included), were the disaster to happen and Emmer were to be sent by a general election vote to DC as "representative of us."

I would not buy a used car from Tom Emmer. The rest of that GOP hopeful pack, Krinkie included, I would say "Show me the CarFax" but it would not be a categorical rejection, as with the talk show blowhard.

The simple fact is we in CD6 need Emmer as our Representative for us in DC as much as we need a breakout of plague in the district. End of story. If the Republicans in their caucus have a death wish to run the blowhard, so be it, the primary is where the GOP candidate will emerge. The caucus and biases within it and between the factions will be irrelevant. Yet I fully expect (while hoping to be wrong) that the CD6 Republicans in caucus WILL go with the Talk Radio maven. I do see that kind of death wish afoot among those folks. It is a bit scary.

However, it is time to move on and press coverage of Emmer's view on military intervention in Syria or his liking or dislike of the shutdown show now playing out in DC, and what positive ideas he has in such directions, seems to be better grist for the media's mill, than hopping all over the spectacle of a dunce with a candidacy sign behind him barking for a local contractor. Highlighting that is improper media attention if done for any reason other than to point out he is a dunce being a dunce. Again.

Okay. True enough. Point made. Now lets all of us move on.

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