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Thursday, October 24, 2013

"A period of leave outside the diocese.” Is Nienstedt overdue?

The delicate though direct phrasing, “a period of leave outside the diocese,” is used here.

Perhaps something like that, short of replacement, might help Nienstedt with his blind-eye disorder.

Then there always is replacement to factor into things, as an option for Francis.

Fire from all sides? For blind in the one eye, for seeing too straight out the other.

Is being critical of everything related to sexual and reproductive choice, except child endangerment, only a mere inconsistency, or an impediment to fitness to lead? I'd vote for the latter view, but Francis does not count votes, or that is how things appear. As new to the job, he cannot do all good things at once. He has to prioritize. Which comes back to the headline text. How long he serves and how far he reaches are only guesswork now. Benedict's [Ratzinger's] stepping down was a bright spot, as was the choice for the new head of the Roman Church.

The good Archbishop as quoted in the HuffPo piece used the phrase, "denial of objective truth" as somthing that draws his learned criticism; despite denial in other contexts, where objective truth seems to cut quite a swath.

As far as denial of objective truth, Nixon denied but many still believe the objective truth is he was one.

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