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Monday, October 07, 2013

How do you deal with kidnappers, hostage takers? With Boehner and Kline?

You negotiate with them? Or you determine who they are and then take them out?

There will be an election for House members in 2014.

And make no mistake, these are hostage takers.

The executive branch and the Senate are not part of hostage taking.

A law was passed - in a circus atmosphere but passed nonetheless - and implementation naturally follows.

Unless unnatural things happen - make that are caused to happen.

Yes it was a butchery job, that statute, because Obama could not get single payer and turned it all over to the insurance companies to write their own lovable sweetheart bill. But that IS NOT what Boehner is saying. Kline is saying nothing, just presiding over the hostages like he did with the nuclear football, hostages being the bond market, world economy, and our national healthcare market - coincidentally, the latter being the mentioned hostage but with the others arguably being the high risk ones.

That "reform" thing is a mess and never should have been done as it was. So, the Republicans in their wisdom offered what as an alternative to the one who had a main role [along with Max Baucus] in engineering the mess?

When the next election came to pass?

They offered vulture and voucher, with the vulture unwilling to disclose how he'd manipulated his taxation situation while you paid honestly as you were required to, withholding and all to keep you in line and not filing returns as thick as Atlas Shrugged.

AND, coincidentally, the genesis of that bogus "reform" instead of moving to single payer was who? Nobody but the vulture, himself, while governor of Massachusetts. Go figure what the Republicans were saying in their choosing an alternative to Obama. Giving us all a single finger salute is one interpretation. 47% speeches to obscenely rich audiences, all that, with a bit of lipstick haphazardly put on that pig, and add in voucherman as the same salute, other hand.

And now they have degenerated into a pack of hostage takers.

When it was time to raise hue and cry about allowing the insurance industry to write its own sweetheart bill, Kline, he was as silent then as he is now during the hostage crisis. Boehner was playing golf.

Can you hear your own watchdog laughing at you? The one that did NOT bark while the insurance industrial complex was doing its mischief bill authorship, burgling away with a silent dog watching. And with that one oh-so-active Anoka County "conservative" afoot still, the one employed by UnitedHealthcare, that firm being rip-off artist extraordinaire while holding the power of life-death decision making over much of the US of A's population, the one paying top-rung executive bonuses and salaries in obscene amounts and obsessing its "healthcare" decision making while eying its fiscal bottom line in a we-owe-it-to-the-shareholders posturing, as and when that "explanation" and allied sophistry is felt needed for justification to the public of its most questionable behavior.

We live in interesting times.

Readers should check out that Paul Craig Roberts website. Not that protectionism and isolationist answers are best, but to see how one Reagan disciple has been thinking recently. It adds to discourse, and he's now invented a most endearing term for status quo apologists from mainstream media - Presstitutes. For that alone, give him a medal.

A bit of a digression: While Paul Craig Roberts might not express everyone's best answer and analysis, he at least is not a Presstitute being paid millions by Clear Channel to bleat to its consumers what they should think and be upset about, that being what Clear Channel's owners - check that out, Google "clear channel ownership" - want you to think. You know who I mean, in comparison to Roberts? The cigar smoking conservative bloviator numero uno, with emphasis on the con? Paid to con.

Or is that bloviator numero duo, after all, there is Bill O'Reilly, the ghost-assisted writer and FOX presstitute, wanting and deserving due recognition. It appears Martin Dugard is making a killing, in killing book genre royalties. Lincoln, Kennedy, Jesus - who next?

Presstitutes are busy folks it seems, and in need of ghost assistances, aka collaborators. That is the term, is it not, for co-authors, especially if they are the heavy lifters but lacking extreme name dynamics; lifters vs. grifters in a collaboration?

_________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Deserving specific re-emphasis, this is one hell of an insightful analysis, while being a post without any hero.

Less something I would wholeheartedly endorse, but food for thought, this post.

Yup, knee-jerk "conservative" readers. As you'd say it. As you'd have it. Just more rambling by one of those bleeding-heart socialistic Reaganites. Have it your way, and never mind actual facts. Listen to Rush. Listen to Boehner.

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