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Friday, October 18, 2013

Hubbard sticks knife in Abeler. Who's feeding Hubbard, or who's Hubbard feeding?

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Having announced as recently as June 18, Abeler's back is resembling a pin cushion, while he is still among his Republican friends. Hubbard likes McFadden? Why might that be?

Will it be all okay again with Big Stan, if Abeler quietly re-reckons and re-seeks the House seat?

We await seeing what Abeler ends up deciding.

An interesting name with a past, David Schultz, is cited by Big Stan's machine as story backgrounding and opinion.

Republican jockeying? Let's all choose up sides ... ?

Hamline touts Schultz, here. Schultz blogs, e.g., here and here.

Why would the Hubbard machine take interest in this savant (or source?) who seems possibly outside the tent? Is it that the Channel 5 folks truly believe where there is smoke there is fire? Or is there a clear the roads for McFadden mentality afoot? At all costs however you may, clear those roads? The sooner the better?

If Abeler opts toward the Minnesota house seat he's held for years, and Big Stan's minions quiet down, what should we infer? It seems McFadden fast-tracking would be evidenced, were such a hypothetical to unfold.

Reader help from Repubublican Party insiders is needed at this point. Comments are moderated, but those that are civil and on point get published.

Last: Where is Bill Cooper putting his political money bets these days?

In terms of Stanley H. the traffic-cop directing traffic, is the context of mention of McFadden here at all relevant?

__________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Pop goes the weasel?

__________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Laura Brod enjoys football.

__________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Obviously nobody would have invited me to any such discussions, but suppose McFadden-Coleman-Hubbard have written off McFadden caucus chances, but do not want the strongest caucus candidate to move on to a primary the McFadden  purse covets? Sidetrack Abeler now, as less ugly a thing than a bloodbath after caucusing? My tea leaves do not even give a probability range reading that way, but my gut says - likely.

__________FURTHER UPDATE_________
See how clued out I am on things GOP. I have to ask where others would know, is the Julie Rosen football fan kin by blood or marriage to this Tom Rosen fellow popping with the weasel?

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