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Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's the difference between a "Think Tank," and a propaganda mill?

 I posted earlier on Center for the American Experiment.

There are a lot of people involved, and who's funding the paychecks is a mighty big question, to me. But they will not even say how close they are to ALEC, the protest being something of a telling thing.

Protesting, protesting - it is our business what our ties to ALEC are, we are offended, make that shocked, SHOCKED that a Democratic Senator would "bully" us; go away; so there.

They can be idiots on their own, with no need to tie them to ALEC, and if it is your flavor of Koolaid they present, well, "think tank" is as fine euphemism as "pro-life" so use either, as you choose.

Strib, here. Same topic.

Scott Honour is involved, and he's richer than Daddy Warbucks [Pete Hegseth is an American Experimenter too].

But I digress. Cutting commentary short, links related to CAE; here; curiously despite not wanting to be tied to ALEC their media master public policy chief can't help himself, here; here; here (at least AFSCME declines "think tank" posing and parades publicly for what it is, a union); and here (bylined, Scott Honour - did I say richer than Daddy Warbucks, money made over the years, in LA). They believe in Right to Work (for Less).

But while flaking out all that press op-ed stuff, I betcha that CAE did not do the last edit of their Wikipedia Page, make that the last edit before I did the below screen capture for this post and for posterity:

So, who exactly funds those CAE paychecks? Tell me that and you've provided me legitimate information, not fluff and puff.

Are all those folks unpaid volunteered; the public policy chief, others? Or is there piper paying, with consequent tune calling? I would not think otherwise than that, absent compelling evidence to the contrary.

I cannot envision writers of all those reports and books doing it gratis, or for that matter relying of royalties generated from sales of their work product. Think Tanks produce thought; propaganda mills produce propaganda. You decide.

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