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Friday, August 09, 2013

Dayton getting his ticket punched, as shocked SHOCKED! Ditto, Rbyak - as "surprised."

Surprised? Get real. The man, Rybak, is a politician - yet, surprised?

Dayton, per MPR, here. Rybak, as an end of story tack-on, here.

Since it's ticket punching time, I am flabbergasted, disturbed, disgruntled, and fraught with fear and loathing over the brass of Zygi Wilf and brother Mark.

I.e., nothing's changed even with the new Jersey story. Wilfare was already, and enough.

Why feign things? To be like Dayton and Rybak?

I'm not holding office nor will I be running. Nor wanting to be a FOX talking head. I am no natural-born poseur or BS-monger, like Bachmann or Rushbo.

I just find Dayton and Rybak ticket-punching to be the day's top amusement.

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