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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Explain to me exactly why Ramsey consumers should pay inflated electricity rates to subsidize an ethanol plant in North Dakota? Is this what Ein Rand and crew mean by leaving things to the private sector, the invisible hand of the markets? It seems a thought carrying questionable wisdom in many situations, this being one.

Yes, in terms of an energy balance, using excess thermal energy at the power plant to efficient ends makes sense. But the problem is venture cost is not being kept with venture profit chasing investors. It is being socialized to us in Ramsey. And that, friends, is a big part of how a free market will equilibrate, if left to its own ends without supervision and regulation.

Read about it, this Strib link, and see if you disagree.

Connexus can make this imposition upon us in Ramsey, because it is NOT answerable to the PUC.

How to fix that is a fairly clear thing, if you think about it for twenty seconds, or five minutes. Read the item. THINK. Then, each Ramsey consumer has town-wide mayor and two council members, plus one ward rep., so voice your choice. And we have legislators, who, one hopes, are not too slavishly aligned with Ayn Rand's bad side (remember, she did criticize those playing at the corporatist card table without seeing it as the real and natural result of her "philosophy" called, by her, "objectivism").

Love that labeling. It's branding, not unlike rebranding Ramsey Town Center, and we all know how much that cost. Despite Cronk/Flaherty loving it, "the COR" has us who ponied up higher risk capital amounts for that developers' love, than the developers' invested dollar amounts of risk capital. Flaherty will collect rents, bless his soul.

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