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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Is it the government's job to subsidize businesses? To pick those gaining largesse vs those ignored? If shrinking the beast is contemplated, DEED is ripe for reform/downsizing.

Here is where there is a Republican divide, the business of America is business bloc, Chamber of Commerce, Weaver family in Anoka County, traditional corporatists. Then there are the Rand/Ron "Liberty" Republicans, to the extent I understand them, saying the market is the best barometer if left alone of government biasing interference, countercyclical spending and Keynesian management of government debt is unhealthy, central banking is questionable at best and in need of audit scrutiny, and, importantly, saying liberty includes freedom from the notion of America as world policeman, with the need to greatly deflate the humongo military budget entailed for "defense" when our troops are stationed all over the world and not fighting any defense on our soil (NSA does that presumably, not a bargain basement purchase in doing so, either, while putting aside the question of the healthiness of spying on Americans, by Americans).

If readers believe that draws some valid distinctions even where every individual has his/her own brand of political preference, there is DEED with grant money aplenty, standing as an example of pick and choose "small business" opportunity ehnancement. What would Sivarajah do? Matt Look? Ms. Stebbins? Charley Weaver? Tim Pawlenty? Ron/Rand?

Remember how Pawlenty shuffled portfolios between Governor's Chief of Staff, and head of DEED.

Harold Hamilton never to my knowledge had an unkind word to say about Pawlenty, so readers, correct me if I am unaware of a what-and-when situation where this generalization held untrue.

If only those Ron/Rand folks would incorporate redistribution and regulation into their mix, protecting the elderly and poor from the rich and the rich from one another.

They'd then have traction. Even if continuing to ignore reproductive liberty, aka "choice" into melding a "Liberty" politics where this remains a big-time glaring discrepancy. Liberty to abort. Why not, we should ask Ron/Rand/Stebbins.

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