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Monday, August 05, 2013

What happens in an Internet minute? Possibly of marginal interest to some readers, or of interest to some marginal readers.

This link. Check it out.

My critique, where's the slice of the pie chart for eighty gazillion NSA intercepts in each Internet minute?

Let's see, that's 80/60 = 1.333 gazillion intercepts per second. No wonder taxes are so high. (This link, count number of usages of words, "tax" or "taxes" for the one-trick pony watchdog).

So, Watchdog, answer this: How many tax dollars are required to pay for each gazillion intercepts by NSA?

A fair question? Yes, but ...

That information is classified.

So, we find ourselves on the horns of a dilemma. At least the courts will protect us:

As Justice Thurgood Marshall wrote at the time, “Privacy is not a discrete commodity, possessed absolutely or not at all.” In other words, you shouldn’t lose every last shred of privacy simply because you share information with your bank or your phone company.

[link is in original]

Perhaps that nice Mr. Krinkie will post something about cost per gazillion NSA intercepts in his regular Taxpayer League column at the Anoka County Record blog site. Republicans, hold your breath and wait. (Liberty Republicans exempted.)

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