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Friday, August 09, 2013

RAMSEY: It is unclear to me. Is the policy to buy out each one as it pops up? Or to use land use regulation and zoning in a way offensive to First Amendment rights?

Eric Hagen of ABC Newspapers reports the green former book outlet in Ramsey got backhoed.

This link. With a backhoe photo, building part up, part down.

One down, in the future how many to go until the money runs out, for buying HRAs, for Ben Dover?

It seems there is judicial precedent on town efforts at censoring the community, and how that squares with the First Amendment (of the Constitution some profess to love), while any town can be as obstreperous as its officials please until/unless a judge tells them to stop.

But, is this the end of things, or the start of things - the start of a policy of buy-and-destroy, buy-and-destroy, and if that's policy, how will pricing be set? By negotiation, presumably, since eminent domain is taking for a public purpose ...

Now, Ramsey could get creative, and "specially" tax "adult" outlets - it having been said the power to tax is the power to destroy - and it has recently been held the power to tax is apart from the power to regulate commerce, on the federal level, individual mandate at issue, Roberts opining.

We wait. We see.

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