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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It must be true, because I read it on the Internet. Jason Tossey seeks the legislative seat covering most (all?) of Ramsey and more of Anoka County.

Jim Abeler for years and through multiple redistricting has been my rep. Years and years.

With Abeler having decided to run against Franken for the Senate seat, it was unclear who might run, either GOP or DFL, and Tossey appears first to enter the race, if not last.

ABC Newspapers reports, this link.

Tossey is in his first term as a member of the Ramsey City Council and also serves as chairperson of the Personnel Committee.

He is in his 14th year of law enforcement and is currently a police investigator. He is a graduate of St. Cloud State University, and a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Tossey and his wife, Kristin, have a daughter, Taylor, and reside in Ramsey.

He is a past president of Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police No. 26, (a philanthropic organization) and has also served as steward to his police local. Tossey is a supporter of Pheasants Forever, Minnesota, Special Olympics – Law Enforcement Torch Run, and Youth First (Community of Promise), on which he currently serves on the board of directors.

[...] “Over the past few years I have represented Ramsey citizens by voting that their tax dollars are not wasted on risky business subsidies when they often come at the expense of the basic roles of government, such as roads,” Tossey said.

According to Tossey, a priority for him is his concern that the state’s road and highway infrastructure is reaching critical mass as well and that has never been more evident than the current situation on Highway 10 in Anoka and Ramsey.

“As a 13-year law enforcement veteran, I know the importance of supporting basic roles of government, but I feel elected officials have forgotten those basic pillars by venturing into areas that were meant for the private sector,” Tossey said.

“This comes at a cost to services and your wallets.”

Tossey strongly believes that the problem is not revenue, but misguided spending, he said.

“Over the last legislative session we saw a state government that raised taxes for everyone,” Tossey said. “The taxes imposed on the state’s middle class and small businesses will, no doubt, hurt the economy and kill jobs.

[...] “I am concerned that we are lowering the bar for our students, educators and parents that will hurt our future economy and our first class work force,” he said.

“I will work for innovative solutions to ensure Minnesota remains a top notch place to educate our children.”

On natural resources, Tossey said that those who know him, know that he cherishes the state’s parks, lakes and woods.

“I believe that our state is blessed with tremendous natural resources and conservation efforts are vitally important to our citizens and our economy,” he said. “I look forward to continuing Minnesota’s support of our outdoor traditions.”

Read the entire item, again, here.

Now, since it is in my nature and I do not fight it, at least one detail to pick on. First paragraph of the item seems to leave something out, in stating:

Ramsey City Councilmember Jason Tossey has announced the formation of a start-up committee to represent the citizens of Minnesota House District 35A (Anoka and Ramsey).

For one unhappy with any unneeded expansion of government, I do not believe Tossey proposes that a committee should represent us in House District 35A, and the sentence should read, " ... Jason Tossey has announced the formation of a start-up committee to support his candidacy to represent ...". I would bet cash on it.

Another unclear thing -- With "GOP" and "Republican" being words absent from the report, one nonetheless expects Jason is not running DFL or IP. Again I would bet cash against anyone willing to bet he is running DFL.

This likely is the first of several filings with DFL and IP candidacies wholly open, and with other Republicans now knowing of at least one contender from within their ranks.

All bets are off.

Per this campaign website link, (under the photo it says "Republican").

_________FURTHER UPDATE_________
I try to keep up with Harold Hamilton's woofing, but I do not slavishly hit the site every day. Some may, not me. So I missed one. On Friday, Hamilton was already noting Tossey's candidacy; and correctly saying it was serious and one worth watching. No "greater than sliced bread" barking, but not tepid either.

We await seeing who runs besides Tossey. For now, to my knowledge, his is the only declared and active candidacy for House District 35A.

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