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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Readers, what do you think? Should I republish the Laura Brod photo, with a second caption, "I've got ALEC to keep me warm?"

Start with the hat tip reminder of things in the semi-recent past, Bluestem Prairie, here. This quote:

Laura Brod is a past state chairman for ALEC; current state senator Gen Olson was her co-chair in 2010. (Current chair? Mary Kiffmeyer).

Way, way, way, WAY more distasteful than the pic of Brod in her underdrawers, for sure, and ya betcha.



Okay, for more links, Ms. Wanna Get Al, here. And here. Brod and ALEC, here. Here. Here.

Ms. Wanna Get Al, aka Julianne E. Ortman, see what she willfully calls pro-jobs legislation; here and all of those cosponsors (Ortman being chief author) are ones to keep on your list. Vigilance has its own rewards.

In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King? In the land of those folks, Jim Abeler appears statesmanlike. And the field will likely only get more crowded and unpalatable, with Abeler still standing taller. Hegseth? Where's he and his stalwart crew? Must we await a dramatic last-minute rescuer posing?

Al has not been perfect, but, after all ...

UPDATE: Neither is Dayton perfect, but among the Lilliputians, he's Gulliver; this link. Neither Dayton nor Franken take marching orders from ALEC. Let ALEC keep Brod warm.

FURTHER UPDATE: Ortman denies ALEC writes her material. I think Franken always was fair to credit his writers, while being entertaining. Ortman claims to write her own stuff. While being entertaining, doing so.


Anonymous said...

The only area where marx dayton is head and shoulders above anyone else is in his obvious lack of rational thought. Dayton has an extremely difficult time stringing a complete sentence together and the effort takes so much out of him that he has to go into hiding for days afterward.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - And you are a Tom Emmer fan?