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Monday, August 05, 2013


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Not available in stores. Advertised on TV. First, if that good the lawnmower lobby would have bought them out already and kept it from market. Toro, John Deere, they want you riding your three acre lawn in Ramsey. Or hiring a landscaping firm.

Second, can you imagine it as a turf supplier's dilemma?

Readers are encouraged to give it a try and to post a comment about quality of the claims.

Third, that "guarantee," how does it work? What's to be returned to get your money back?

UPDATE: I have figured out how it could be a good hustle, even with a no-return-needed, no-questions-asked guarantee of satisfaction. Put regular seed in a bag, and if anyone bothers to test the guarantee, that shipping-and-handling fee of eight bucks, it flows in with each order, regardless. This is known as a business model. That or develop an unthinking Pavolian cult following, like Apple.

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