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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trying to milk the City of Ramsey cash cow dry?

All readers should look at the Oct. 16, 2012 full agenda for the [hopefully] televised city council meeting, p.56, et seq, (of 67 pages), below being a screen capture of p.56

click to enlarge and read

Read the original p.57, et seq., for detail, and for the meeting tonight starting at 7 pm., be there or be square.


As a wholly unrelated thing, below is a photo of actor Johnny Depp, as Captain Jack Sparrow,

a pirate.

This is after the meeting of Oct. 16. Those entrusted for now with authority to make decisions for the city were fairly unanimous in their decision making; so whatever I feel about it is now largely irrelevant in terms of what happens next.

More money will go to the consultancies. That was put to a vote and passed.

I voted absentee already, my ballot has been cast, and however the election turns out the Depression continues, austerity drags it out and worsens it, but my one vote is logged for whatever it's worth.

Here is a quesiton. If I croak between now and election day, having duly voted absentee, will my vote count? Clearly I would be in no position to care in that hypothetical, but as a question in the abstract, what's the answer?

Ask Mark Ritchie?

Ask Mary Kiffmeyer?

I know how I would like the elections to turn out, that is how I voted, but either way I am not enthused about great change come January. If Bachmann lost to Graves, that would be a cheerful result.

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