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Friday, October 19, 2012

Binders Full of Baloney

If you believe a single thing that pathological liar says, do you deserve to have a vote? Pepe Escobar, here, with commentary, and gaining a hat tip for his linking to the Facebook page of rage, and ridicule, and helpful commentary - gone viral - this opening screenshot:

This man with his Tonto Little Bean will cut taxes for the rich, and think to perhaps trim the deficit that his concocted mischief will inevitably cause by giving elderly people coupons, over time perhaps green stamps, instead of Medicare. After all, the elderly with ever more and more of them as time passes tend to vote their interests after informing themselves, and, (except for the hopeless fundamentalists who fear death ending things), that means the vulture and little bean can stow their green stamps for the elderly and sick some fitting place.

Romney's got blinders to women's issues, blinders not binders.

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