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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sidebar poll reopening.

This morning I noticed that some glich in Blogger had wiped out the historical results of the "Colin McGlone's wife" sidebar poll - about her having employment with Flaherty after McGlone had been a key fourth vote in a 4-3 council (aka HRA) initial vote split on the City going in hock on bonds to route millions of dollars to the Flaherty adventure.

That poll had closed, 8/14/12 at noon.

Why it crashed, I have no idea.

But to make lemonade from a lemon ---- The poll, having once been wiped clean, is being reopened to see if Ramsey citizens have changed their minds.

(We all can remember something about the results, they were posted for some time before being lost, with the trend in thought back in August fairly clear).

Anyway the reopened poll now closes: Nov. 6, at 8:00 PM.

Please vote in the poll.

(To test the sidebar "gadget" that Google provides Blogger users, I just entered my vote, and it seems to have recorded it okay. If it goes west again, I will note that, and clear it from the sidebar. For now, we see if it works or goes out of order once more. So, please, give it a try.) 

The poll went west again. It has been removed. It remains a mystery to me. Moving on ...

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