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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If Paul Ryan ever had an original thought, it was back in 1974, on a Wednesday.

He lied about his frigging marathon time, for God's sake, and that's somebody who will lie about anything.

This link.
He lied about his pandering for stimulus money for mover-shaker interests in his district.

He steals from the dead.

Now instead of calling the ticket vulture and voucher, we should call it "vulture and little bean." Lower case.

Apparently the Kurt Cobain ransacking went viral on the web, e.g., here, here, things atwitter.

Credit for the Eddie Haskell spot-on observation; here. I have to give that credit. I am not one who'd leave the impression it was my own thought. That takes a certain kind of personality ...

And while into old TV Eddies, this link. Again, a popular idea. Trenchant.

____________FURTHER UPDATE___________
So phony. So coldbloodedly rehearsed. So scripted down to every false facial twist. So disrespectful.

After seeing that ultrasound we laughingly nicknamed her "Lasagna."

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