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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Robyn West should know better than to make herself look like a town dunce. Instead, she goes to Fox 9, and does herself no favor, in terms of treasuring the Constitution. You cannot treasure what you do not understand.

Screen capture from Fox:

Click the image to enlarge and read. Then, read this years old AGO.

Here is the McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission case, online. Cited by. How cited.

Robyn, lady, you are pursuing a fulltime politically motivated urinating contest.

And, Robyn, you should stop.

Finally, in anticipation of weakly reasoned misunderstandings: I have never said the Reflections in Ramsey hack does not have the right to publish anonymously. I have always said what I thought, that it is a craven thing. A coward at work. But clearly constitutionally protected conduct; where any abridgment of the right would be unconstitutional.

Regarding anonymity of political contributors in fear of reprisal, for example, Strib, here, a month ago. As noted previously, Crabgrass, here.

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