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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Bill Moyers - An online opportunity to view the weekend's broadcast; on ALEC. [UPDATED: Re Branden Petersen not being an ALEC member.]

UPDATE - This in an email response from Rep. Petersen, "Thanks for contacting me. I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council."

This link.

Compare ALEC stuff, with our Minnesota Republican legislative stuff.

Wow, same stuff.

A change or two in the seasoning perhaps, but the same basic dish.

Perhaps a future Crabgrass post in that direction. Perhaps not. Stay tuned. I bet Brenden Petersen stays tuned. To ALEC. After all, is he the type who would go along to get along, vs resisting peer pressure? For all I know at present, the others go to the conventions, get wined and dined and lobbied, briefed and prepped, and then come back to Minnesota telling Branden the bills to author or sign onto. First term respect for party elders, all that.

I have an email in to Petersen, asking if he is or ever has been a card-carrying member of the ALEC organization. (Not quite using HUAC language, text of the email is less aggressive/offensive, but I bet ALEC does issue membership cards.) [see update, beginning of post - the likelihood of a future Crabgrass post looking at bill sponsorship and bill language along with ALEC model legislation is now greater, analysis being helpful where membership is absent]

TO BE SPECIFIC: My impression is that to fully understand Branden Petersen, who he is and what he intends, you need to understand ALEC intentions; as analyzed, e.g., here, here and here. It is an agenda to be feared and loathed. (HT, RIP).

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