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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RAMSEY - Returning from the council meeting and HRA meeting, with good news and bad.

If you do not have a dream, somebody will lay their dream on you.

The good news is IF there actually are Super America and McDonalds deals that close, a big if, then some cash will be brought into the city and some of the vacant land will be converted to something.

The bad news is more money will be spent, and at best, McDonalds and Super America with a big parking lot is schlock upon schlock, and think of all the high paying jobs in Ramsey this will generate.

My vision of greatness is a notch above Super America and McDonalds; and Wise still intends to move his liquor store; and he is having cash flow problems now and if he had closed last week rather than waiting until January, the cash flow would have been easier.

My understanding is if Wise resigns, now, he can get his deal, now, as the way the folks at the dias were talking. That means the hardship Wise foresees in waiting is not sufficient for him to step off council now, which would mean not too great.

If this Super America stuff and McDonalds stuff proves real, that's one thing. If it is blowing smoke, that is another.

What we know now, nothing's closed.

What we will know election day, is whether anything has closed by then.

Stay tuned. Stay skeptical, but hope for the best - as with Flaherty, hope the ugly thing rents out so the City gets its risk capital paid back.

If the city breaks even on buying the whole mess, when the dust settles, no matter how schlock the stuff there - little different from a traffic light intersection along Highway 65 in Blaine, it will have been a wash, not a success. The shared wall housing market will rebound, or not. The owners of shared wall presently in Town Center wanting to rent will compete with Flaherty for renter demand; and supply and demand shall work out as they may.

So far it could be better than I reasonably expected; but that -- from things so far, is not too damn good.

If the Super America and McDonalds talk turns out to be only talk, and yields sour results, it is no big deal, since time can cure that. Something better may come along. Just, don't hold your breath waiting for REI. Believe that if you see it, only if you see it.


See where things stand, election day. All talk and no action may suggest how to vote on the local town seats. Closing sales leading to a gas station and fast food, is no big deal in my world. More of the same is more of the same.

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