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Monday, October 29, 2012

A postcard size mailing from John LeTourneau was delivered over the weekend, and makes all the sense in the world.

LeTourneau is not critical of others, nor does he speculate about cabals or financing of campaigns he is no part of. Instead, he lets us know his priorities, if elected; which clearly is a sensible thing to present in reaching voters:

- Re-establish seasoned team of city staff.
- Build stability into reserve funds for future needs.
- Focus on community wide Economic Development.
- Return COR development to private market-driven Developer.
- Build a collaborative and engaged council that has a focus to the future.

Those are his points. Make of them what you think best.

I did not know that John was twice past Chairman of the Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce Board, until seeing that on the LeTourneau card. This, to me, seems to disarm anyone who might suggest John is anti-business, or some kind of pinko-freak-radical with big-time-spender puppet strings attached. If there are any strings, they are pro-business strings, and I cannot see Republicans or Democrats not weighing that background, as against lawyer Joe Field.

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