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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Republican message of fighting decent medicine for all, independent of employment-employer reliance, the cynical tact of - keep folks on tenderhooks and insecure to keep them most pliant - cannot be the open overt message. It lacks traction with voter self-interest despite it being the inner party's GOP goal. Hence they have little choice but to be the party of no. It's all the snakeoil they have to sell you. Their major aims stink. And they want to Karl Rove over that stench.

The headline says it all. That's probably all to post today. Looking at the effort to empower a New Populist Majority may be time better spent than hopping all around the web from site to site. Here is a place to start,

with hopping around the site's subpages being a good use of time.

That page links here:

Four pages of common sense. The above screenshot as the ending of the final page. At four pages, it is a memo too short to be called a manifesto. The GOP has its counter-manifesto, fewer words than four pages:

Do as Karl Rove says, do as Karl Rove does, the Roberts court has your back.

Karl Rove is the boogeyman, not Karl Marx. Learn that and you're on your way to a better America.

They have a contorted, stunted, insincere message because at heart they are: Not wanting actual tax reform, the rolling back of Reagan and Bush tax cuts for the wealthy with current budget levels maintainable via higher taxing of wealth and concomitant tax relief for everybody else, (including closing loopholes for the wealthy like Romney with his stashed tax-haven loot), that tax relief being a part of ending the imbalance the Republican mainstream has laid upon us via instigating factionalism and discord among those not in the 1% and doing that by buying propaganda and politicians. The Republican mainstream is having its insurgencies within their tent; the worry being their most cynical and organized inner party operatives simply exert a coup and take over the Democratic party, as has already happened in too large a measure.

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