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Monday, May 12, 2014

Sorensen at Bluestem Prairie has two very recent posts on Minnesota Medical Mj.

Wikipedia, here.
Reverse chronology, here and here.

The Washington/Colorado solution seems an apt application of Occam's Razor. If you are going to buck Dayton/Law Enforcement lobbyist bias, go whole hog at it. Shadow theater is confused, helps little, and feels very awkward.

The truth is narcs have an easy time with mj and like that; however, they could optimize their time [optimize return on their paychecks] per attending to heroin, meth labs, angel dust, and drug cartels. A hesitency to concentrate on the latter IS understandable. Those people have guns, use guns, and unlike busting potheads, there is danger to policing that stuff. Wow, danger. It makes you want to train dogs to sniff out firearm-free street level passerby pot on an Anoka town street corner. Then just working snitches thus attained is easy pickings with time for coffee and donuts. One can understand the orientation of Law Enforcement lobbying. Understanding it does not legitimize it.

_________FURTHER UPDATE_________
In 20-20 hindsight, law enforcement doing its real job better might have prevented tragic consequences for many had its policing in Little Falls been better and more attentive earlier to prescription drug motivated burglary.

What say narc lobbyists to Gov. Dayton about that truth?

Also, neither Denver nor Seattle appear headed for hell in a hand-basket. The buses run on time. Streets are clean and orderly, downtown and metro-wide. Real estate values have not plummeted. Tourism remains high. Convention site appeal has not waned. People sleep well at night. They run and are healthy. Housing values are among the highest in the nation. Pets are well fed. Boutiques prosper. And yet, that weed, it's legal ...

________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Latest Bluestem Prairie posting on the issue, this link.

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