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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Republicans? Are they being disingenuous or just being Republicans, (and is there any difference)?

If you want to follow links, the original of the screen capture below is online here.

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The faux whining should stop. Indeed, Clinton had his State Department blasts, and Reagan had the barracks bombing in Lebanon. Reagan got out of Leganon, as with Clinton, Somolia, but with all that "bipartisanship" (with both parties as head of state), disingenuous seems the word for current crying. Or is the word, mendacious? Either way the propaganda storm (caused by lack of any real issue) fails to convince all but the most hopeless Rushbo bots.

Or maybe the criticism should be Obama has not simply gotten out of Libya. That I could buy into. There should not be or have been State Department/CIA boots on that ground, then, or now. Rand/Ron is correct on that notion. Leave it to the French as their ambition.

_________FURTHER UPDATE________
Perhaps it is self-deluded that is the characteristic trait at play. This link. Remindful of the old saying about giving a party and nobody came. Holding a hate-in where nobody cares or hates. Weep for their frustration. Constant shouting, grow legs, grow legs, grow legs, ... and it's still just somebody's same-old snake.

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