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Monday, May 26, 2014

If you find the drabness of The McFadden tedious, unfulfilling, empty - a reminder of Romney and Norm Coleman merged into a single robot's programming, try this for style.

This link. Watch and think over the Elizabeth Warren video.

The Economist, here, this quote:

A former Harvard professor, expert in bankruptcy law and long-time campaigner for tougher regulation of banks, she has developed a nationwide following among the Democratic Party’s grassroots since her election to the Senate in 2012 to represent Massachusetts. YouTube videos of her roughing up bankers and other bigwigs at Senate hearings have gone viral. She recently published a book of memoirs, “A Fighting Chance”, linking her upbringing by struggling middle-class parents with her political views (eg, tougher policing of Wall Street, a higher minimum wage, expanded Social Security benefits, cheaper loans for college students, a rollback of Republican curbs on union organising and collective bargaining).

In her speech last week, Mrs Warren laid into unpopular targets with gusto. Big banks “cheated American families, crashed the economy, got bailed out” and were now larger than ever. Indeed, they “still swagger through Washington, blocking reforms and pushing around agencies,” she thundered. The country was being starved of investment in infrastructure and education, while “rich and profitable corporations” enjoyed billions in subsidies and tax loopholes. “The game is rigged—and it’s not right!” she cried. The people believe in progressive values, she offered in closing, and the people would decide the future of this country: “This is our fight!”

Leaving aside the content of her policies, Mrs Warren is a punchy public speaker: crisp, clear and impassioned in tone, rather than strident. Her message was unmistakably pitched at a nationwide audience: this was not the speech of someone narrowly working for re-election in Massachusetts.

What's not to like about that? Somebody has to say what has to be said. If it is Elizabeth Warren, then Hillary, please step to the side as one powerful, connected, but becoming irrelevant.

Warren seems to have the same skepticism toward bankers and banking that Ron Paul displays, but without the hard heart. A populist rather than a libertarian, she seems less to want an ax to chop away at federal government, favoring instead a Bobcat tractor as a tool to push out the unsavory piled in muck. It is refreshing to have that view represented and voiced firmly.

Hillary's part of that status quo, not against it. It is how she and Bill got rich.

Warren posts on the web, including one for Mother's Day.

Warren speaks honestly. That is refreshing after ... [make your own list, don't go overboard]. And it is unintentioned chance that the sidebar notice of Warren's book comes adjacent to things about Chris Christie. Pure chance. Really.

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