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Sunday, May 04, 2014

And this is the best of the three



The not absolutely awful choice.

Not Michele Bachmann.

Not Tom Emmer. Not Phil Krinkie.

Not a total self-consumed egomaniacal diva,

less shallow, ...

Strib looks to be giving Brodkorb money to write. He is a Republican, writing as such. Perhaps he writes without getting a fee from Strib; they just like his stuff. Either way, it's unhelpful to voters hoping to be fairly and decently informed.

Brodkorb's latest, here,

"We know your position on National Popular Vote, what about the real issues?
Posted by: Michael Brodkorb under Politics Updated: May 5, 2014 - 9:49 AM"

And of course he obfuscates. What are the real issues? Minimum wage. Student and family debt burden. Bending the curve on healthcare costs and moving to improve universal coverage (surely there's been a start with coverage expanding yet with glitches needing to be fixed rather than abandoned, and then what role has single payer in providing a better long-term solution, ditto for using government size/purchasing muscle to squeeze back at Big Pharma's excesses; why not Medicare/VA levels of coverage for all).

More real issues: Money corrupting politics and a Supreme Court majority seeing that as just fine and wanting more of the same. Outsourcing good US jobs overseas with no replacement strategy. Freedom from a growing surveillance state. Keeping Wall Street, the banks, and the FED in check to serve citizens rather than exploit them. Roads and other essential government services (e.g., Ramsey Blvd. and Anoka County government's will to avoid seeing it). Taxing more fairly and looking to fix the gross inequalities in wealth distribution as well as reversing the trend toward the gaps lengthening rather than closing. Heartless hands poised to undo decades of Social Security sanity and throw the old to the wolves.

Not this. The fact is the Republicans do not want to face the real issues because they have no answers any sane citizen would accept - they want Rove/Coleman PAC money to be more decisive; they love their lobbying friends, they want more perks for the uberwealthy, they want to screw students into the ground with a ton of debt out of school to make them more pliant. They want YOU to be feeling insecure so that you are more likely to only grumble among friends but otherwise you likely grin and bear it.

Look at Sivarajah's list. The little foetuses, Mexicans among us, and guns are not what's wrong with the nation, not what's screwing the middle class big time, not what's worsening the plight of the least prosperous in our nation.

It's diversionary drivel, and it's cruel and insulting to see the garbage coming out of the GOP as issues. It appeals to little resembling intelligent self interest, which is not a bad motive for voters to take to the polls.

In a nutshell, it is Karl Rovian, (the very worse thing you can call anything) and upsetting in a major way that it works at all. Newspapers taking on the likes of Brodkorb are part of the problem, not part of any progressive solution.

So, again, read the Brodkorb item, and tell me what you see of his presentation of the real issues and what your reaction is to what he says. As noted, obfuscation hardly befits a headline like that.

LAST: Admittedly there are Democrats also going smoke-screen and dodging the real issues and that truly is vexing, but at least it is a less frequent thing than what our Republican friends are up to. With less racism. With less sexism. With less Tea Party envy and ill will toward those of our young postponing family growth and its related burdens while striving for first-rate college educations and seeking decent long-term well paying and rewarding life's work. With less disdain for our collective voting intelligence and ability to sift out who is talking to the real issues and to be trusted in what he/she says. Give me more Elizabeth Warren, and less Col. Kline, less Rove, less Emmer, Krinkie and Erik Paulsen, and less Tice at Strib.

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Is Brodkorb to be Stirb's replacement act for Katherine Kerstin? Is that Tice's goal? What's up, doc? At least Brodkorb does not stoop to being town scold. Not as Loony a Tune. Still, why?

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