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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

RAMSEY - FRANCHISE FEES - Reader help needed. Does any reader know the genesis of the thought that roadwork would be financed not by general levy, but by franchise feeing the folks?

I know that genesis rested with the last council where a majority of it was voted out that council no longer serves.

I know that regarding property holdings, where a levy would weigh most heavy and a franchise fee would weigh least, there was one council member who held title to two (2) Northfork homes.

Would that have been a factor?

Also, who came up with the cute trick, a "survey" where the dice were loaded from the get-go? The question posed, do you favor a franchise fee over assessment.

Deliberately, the most conventional way to fund a general basic public function, via general levy on property within the jurisdiction, magically was omitted from the survey.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Who fostered the genesis of all this current mischief?

Again, reader help by email or comment, on the record preferred of course rather than "confidential source" information; but info is the main thing and if confidentiality is established either by direct request in an email or by a comment offered anonymously, either way, the helpful thing is to learn things, rather than to be and stay in the dark over such intriguing questions.

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