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Friday, October 25, 2013

RAMSEY FRANCHISE FEES - ABC Newspapers coverage.

Eric Hagan reporting for ABC Newspapers, online here, with the item title: Ramsey delaying road franchise fees decision.

At the webpage footer area, links:  here, here, here and here.

That's real newspaper coverage.

Harold Hamilton's dog-website designer's ACR blog had nothing to say about Ramsey franchise fees, as of Oct 24.

This extensive ABC Newspapers coverage was noted via a Crabgrass UPDATE, here. If no actual and prompt consensus is reached via joint Council and Charter Commission work sessions, then the hope would be a special election is forced soon. The roads need work, the issue needs resolution, and only the most cynically craven would desire making this a political football dragged and delayed into the 2014 general election where it would be a down-ballot thing, many might show up not understanding nuance, and craven thinking might be to hope for a spillover boost to individuals then putting themselves onto the ballot. Mischief of that kind and degree must be avoided to have credible city processes; via either a Council and Charter Commission consensus on livable compromise, soon, or putting a question to Ramsey citizens, soon, via a special election.

Surely, there is always the carping that a special election requires "extra cost" but think of it as an expenditure half as great as what was budgeted toward Elwyn Tinklenberg talking to people about Highway 10 - Armstrong Blvd.

Surely, if that was justifiable to our council members [I recall unanimity], then which of them would carp and complain over disarming a potentially ugly political ploy, up front, and before it might be born, paraded, and wrongly exploited.

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