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Monday, October 21, 2013

Frank Vennes - Fifteen Years.

Karl Bremer's spirit rejoices. Avidor's blog specifically focused upon Vennes reports.

I expect DumpBachmann would have posted, except for Larry's heinous overreach. Also, with the focus of DB on a politician-retiree who in effect has dumped herself from office, the folks there have the last laugh with no need to crow.

So, shout a huzzah. Justice caught up with Vennes, although not fully until he is in the slammer serving his term.

This Ripple in Stillwater former post.

Recognition for Bremer's ongoing effort, earned and duly noted, Ripple again here and here. Bremer in those items included links to his award-winning reporting, so have a look, please.

Interested readers can do further web research. The Vennes role in the Petters fraud and its collapse has been well covered.

This Strib report on the sentence.

Why? Because we like her? Not exactly. As with puppy housebreaking, we take them to a carpet mess-up, put their nose close, and say, "NO! Bad puppy." Dogs learn.

Avidor image. Click it to enlarge and read.

" ... confident of Mr. Vennes successful rehabilitation ..." our Rep. Bachmann says. Perhaps.

In 15 years.

"So why does Mr. Vennes need a pardon if he is so successful? So he can help more people than he does." That's what our CD6 Rep. wrote. The appearance is he swindled people. Little help flows from that. But he did contribute to Bachmann reelection campaigning, helping somebody that way. And, tardy to the n-th degree, she only now is giving the money back to the trustee for those Vennes swindled. Better late than never? I'd say, about the same. Not quite, possibly. Reaching a settlement for less than full amount asserted disarmed a 100% clawback of what was claimed.

The saying is "A day late and a dollar short."

Instead, many days/dollars. Figure who you're dealing with.

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