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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flaherty must be thinking, "I can't help but love this Shiller guy."

This link. So people in droves should be beating down the doors to ASAP get into that massive thing hung onto the parking garage in Ramsey, right? Throw out the mortgage, move to the rental. And all should be rosy and right on our earth with Flaherty making money hand-over-fist raising rents, choosing tenants, and such, and coincidentally paying City of Ramsey back the money it fronted for his adventuring. Right? And we see this happening as these words are typed, right? Behavioral economics has what to say about such rhetorical questioning?

Open that link, and look at the photo of Shiller. Can you trust a guy not using an iPhone? Or a Samsung? How smart is a Nobel laureate if not using a smart phone? Probably drives without using a phone or texting. What does he know?

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