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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A correction - an incompletely thought out draft was published in error, and has been withdrawn.

I apologize to the world for that error. Things in the draft which worried me have been disarmed by events, and I have a positive view that the entire franchise fee issue will be properly handled by people working together, without it being politicized into the future. I am encouraged by that, and again regret my mistake in letting a draft appear when the blog "save" button was intended and "publish" was toggled. It has only happened once and as best as I can promise, it will not happen again. Previously I have edited and updated comments and have withdrawn one post years ago in response to actions constituting a complaint. Nobody complained in the present instance, I noted my error and corrected it, and beyond this instance and the prior one I have not "scrubbed" posts here.

I have been wrong in the past and expect to be wrong in the future. And, when discovering I misthought something I try to not be constrained to embrace something proven wrong, despite the proof. If having many past things to do again, I would alter my course. I expect everyone who does or thinks anything has similar second guessing to a degree. Obviously trying to be correct and careful in the first instance is a target we should aim for, even if falling short. Minimizing frequency of error is the essence of having a learning curve. Last, while an open mind is not an empty mind, a closed and irrationally set mind is what is closer to empty.

We learn.

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