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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Watchdog editorial woofing over NSA. And - Michele Bachmann shows up for a cameo appearance.

This Watchdog link:

Washington sources tell the Dog that Bachmann has been tapped as a lawyer for the NSA, reviewing all manner of spying activities.

[...] NSA was particularly impressed with Bachmann's own willingness and skill in engaging in her own version of domestic spying.

The agency reviewed footage of Bachmann hiding in the bushes at a gay rights rally in 2005 when she was a state senator and marveled at her stealthy tactics, techniques, and procedures.

[...] Of course, we're only kidding on the NSA job.

But the point remains. Bachmann is flat out wrong on this issue, as are Reps. Kline and Paulsen.

The domestic spying program is a serious breach of our Fourth Amendment rights.

True at the end, and we all know Hamilton could have ducked the issue entirely, but he did not.

And he is correct, as correct as Larry Klayman is in suing over it, but without any Watchdog expectation of a possible payday at the end of the rainbow.

Hamilton is just saying something he believes, and in this instance I agree.

However, Hamilton should stick to straight-up stuff. Satire and irony are not his strong suit.

Leave the Watchdog there, barking at the right tree, something that can happen. Best late than never.

Bachmann is another story, not for here, but leave it at - She has a PAC, so how has she been spending that PAC money, and once out of office, what then? My guess at likelihoods is Michele PAC will continue. A money sink which shall continue receiving. For as long as idiots send her their money.

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