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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Strib: Online snippets.

Is there a lack of will to regulate - if not when will they regulate? Here and here. Of course the entire exercise is insufficient. If they were too failed to be big in 2008, (yes that's not the usual wording, but better), and bigger now and making record money amounts, where's the reform? Band-aid effort, grade it D-.

In terms of big splat town bootstrap dreams, like Ramsey Town Center, we are not alone. At least Ramsey's folly was not as dumb, nor yet leading to any bond default. Vadnais Heights takes first place. Also in thinking of Town Center, all Jim Deal or anyone else needs to do is discover massive oil reserves under our town, and then frac it, or so this link suggests. Frac Town Center? It has a ring to it, better than "The COR," a rebranding remnant of Darren times.

Zuck's minions really care to have a secure system, an A-1 operation and one users can trust as secure, which is why no notice of security vulnerabilities is ever given insufficient attention. And they will not acknowledge the guy is a white-hat hacker and give him his bug finding bounty because he had to whack them over the head with a 2 x 4 simply to get their attention. Haughty folks, but then it IS Facebook.

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